Solar panel?

I installed a ring solar panel yesterday for my spoltlight battery cam. It shows that its connected under the device health but isnt charging the batteries. Is it suppose to charge the batteries or will it only help maintain them at a full charge. Where ive got it mounted its getting plenty of sunshine.

It really depends on how much battery you drain per day as well.

I have a panel charging a spotlight cam, that gets about 3 hours of good direct sunlight per day. It charges anywhere from 10-20% of a battery per day, depending on the weather. For me thats enough because my average daily use on the cam is probably about 8%

Also, sometimes you need to run a live feed on the camera in order to get the app to update the camera’s health status and to show the updated battery charge. So check that too.

Make sure to angle the panel directly at as much of the midday sun as possible. Have the sun’s rays hitting more perpendicular to the panel, not at a wide angle.

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