Solar panel not charging secirty camera


I bought a Spotlight Cam Plus with the solar panel in a bundle direct from Ring. I have a previous third gen outdoor camera and solar panel that works fine. But the Spotlight Cam is not charged properly by the solar panel.

I have looked at previous guidance and the panle does get enough sunlight.

The camera battery drains even though the app says the panel is connected and can charge the device. If I reboot the camera then the battery level goes back up to 100% and slowly drains again. So I have this workaround. But I am left wondering why I need to reboot to get it working.

I tried deleteing and reinstalling the device and that hasn’t changed the behaviour either.

Any advice? At the moment it is putting me off buying another spotlight cam. As i say, my older non-spotlight cam and solar panel works fine.


Hi @user82301. What level is the battery draining to? In your Ring app, does the Solar Panel show is connected and charging? How long has this been happeneing?