Solar panel not charging Ring Door Bell

I have a Ring Door Bell 2 and a Solar panel. The area around the front door does not have any power for the door bell so I was hoping the solar panel could keep the door bell charged. It is down to 88% and I am concern that it is not charging the doorbell. I called Customer Support and they told me that the solar panel don’t charge the door bell it only helps maintain the battery. Can you please tell me if the solar panel will charge the doorbell or not.

First, try opening your Ring app and navigate to device health. From there, check if your device is connected to a solar panel. If it still does not detect the solar panel, even after you have checked the wires, and cleared debris, then it may be defective. In this case, all you can do is to replace your solar panel.

Thank you for replying. I did what you asked and per my health screen the solar status shows Connected. As of today 11/14/21 my Ring Door bell is down to 86%. I have repositioned it so that it is facing south since it is Winter time and the sun is in the southern hemisphere. I have disarmed the door bell to see if the Battery Level comes up today.

Be aware it can be 12-24 hours before the app updates the charge % for the battery.

I put my Ring Door Bell in Disarmed Status for 2 days. And as of Monday night it has not charged at all. It now shows 85%. So either the Solar panel is defective or it does not charge the Ring Door Bell at all as the web site advertises. I know it is hard to troubleshoot at night so maybe we can set up a time over the weekend to troubleshoot this over the phone. It is funny I have 4 solar powered motions lights around my house and back yard and the solar panel charges them with no issues.

The best steps to try for a Solar Panel not charging:

  • Ensure for several hours of direct sunlight
  • Check plug connection is secure and no debris is in the connection area.
  • Clean the Solar Panel

Consider usage and battery drain factors such as number of events or cold weather. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you for responding to my problem. My solar panel is mounted on the eves of my roof pointing to the South and gets several hours of sunlight a day. The solar panel is connected to the Ring door bell. If I go into the Ring doorbell app and check the Device Health and look where it says Solar Status it says Connected. And yes my Solar Panel is clean as I just installed it this past weekend. Again I can trouble shoot doing the day Saturday if you want. If not I guess I can either bring it into the house and charge it when it needs to be or return it since it won’t charge from the solar panel. Please advise. Thank you … Mike