Solar panel not charging doorbell

I have a ring door bell 2 and the battery kept loosing power, so I bought a ring solar panel and installed it. It is not charging the doorbell battery. The doorbell keeps loosing power. I bought a new battery as well and charged it for 2 days before use. I have a solar panel in the back yard and it is always at 100%. The solar panels are both facing the same way. It shows the the solar panel is connected.
Please advise what to do.

Hi there, @jomcc58! It sounds like the Solar Panel is getting enough light, being that is facing the same direction as your other panel. Other than sunlight for solar power, the use of your Video Doorbell will also impact the effectiveness of a charge. Too many events, frequent motion, long live views, and excessive use of your Doorbell can drain the battery quicker than a charge can be applied. Please also consider wifi signal strength, or RSSI, as an connection interference can cause the device to work harder to remain connected. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: