Solar Panel Freezing Up Camera/Friend Prior Cam

So I received my replacement Outdoor Battery Stickup Cam from my other one that was dead. The old one was totally dead, had it maybe a 6 or 7 months and got the Solar Panel maybe a month or 2 into that. The replacement cam set up no problem. Went to put it outside, connected it to Solar and the Camera totally froze. Didn’t completely die like the other one though. So I reset up, went through set up again and same thing. Back on the Solar and again froze. Went through set up and this process 2 more times. This time I just removed the solar connection and took out the battery for a couple of minutes and it rebooted fine until I plugged the Solar panel back in. This time I left the Solar unplugged and it’s fine all this time. So I guess it’s something bad with the Solar panel which is what must have fried the original camera. Anyone have a similar problem? I am awaiting RING to call me back so I can see if they will exchange the panel now.