Solar Panel for Spotlight Cam (battery) says it isn't connected when it is

I just purchased a solar panel to connect to one of my three Spotlight Cams (battery version), because the ground by where the camera is located is a little unstable for a ladder. It’s tricky changing the battery, and I thought the solar panel would help.

I plugged in the solar panel, and for two days the app told me that the panel was connected but that it wasn’t sunny enough to charge the camera battery. (It was a cloudy few days.) Then two days later, when it was nice and sunny the app told me that the camera wasn’t connected to any solar panel.

I have another camera nearby, so I unplugged the solar panel from that camera and plugged it into the nearby camera. It is very sunny, but the app still told me that this second camera didn’t have a solar panel attached.

I even tried taking out the battery to reset the camera, but still nothing.

So do I have a bad solar panel? I have followed all the installation steps. My solar panel didn’t come with the small screws (just 5 of the larger wood screws), so the barrel is just plugged into the back of the camera, but I made sure it’s completely pushed into the connector.

Please help. I do not want to fall off a ladder changing the battery. I really need the battery boost from a solar panel but am not getting it.

Oh, since the app originally said that the solar panel was connected the first few days I did not keep the packaging the solar panel came in. So if I end up having to return the panel it will be in a different box.

Thank you.

I have this same issue. Any fix?

No. I returned the panel to amazon and should get the replacement tomorrow. We’ll see if that works.

I found a fix. far anyway. If u uninstall and reinstall as a spot light solar it will download the right firmware and work. Mine has been working for 2 days now. Also it will not charge if less than 90 percent. So make sure u give it a full charge.

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Thank you to this guy

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