Solar Panel for Early Version Stickup Cam with usb

I have an early version stickup cam (the flat black cam) with micro usb charging port. My Ring app keeps asking me to consider a solar panel. So, I went online to purchase one. But I cannot find a Ring solar panel with usb connector. I went to help and saw a photo of MYcamera connected to a solar panel, so I assumed it would work. I purchased a panel but it arrived with a barrel plug. I wass expecting a usb connector or adapter. Panel says it is for Spot Light Cam. Item returned. I cannor find a Ring solar panel with usb anywhere. Does it exist? Is there a model or part number to refer to?

Hey @bummper. The Solar Panel with the micro USB connector has been discontinued, so we no longer offer it on our website and we no longer have the parts available for it. Apologies for any confusion this might have caused.