Solar Panel for Doorbell 3

Can you use the regular solar panel and attach it to the video doorbell 3?

Not talking about the the one that goes around the doorbell, I would need the panel that I can put somewhere else and run the wires back to the doorbell. There is not enough sunlight where the doorbell is placed to use the one that surrounds it.

Hey @Coop888. The Ring Video Doorbell 3 can only have a solar panel attached to the back of it via the wires attaching to the screws in the back, as shown in this article here. The regular solar panel that you are referencing has a barrel plug input at the end and therefore would not be compatible. I apologize for this, but I will pass on your feedback to the appropriate teams, as I could see a solar panel for the device to be more flexible with placements being a benefit for yourself and other neighbors! :slight_smile:

Couldn’t I just cut the barrel connector off, strip the wires back and then attach it?

Would it work if I do this?

@Coop888 We definitely do not recommend this, as this may void the warranty on the solar panel, as well as the Doorbell if connected this way. This something that is completely up to you. You can learn more about the warranty here. If you do preform the setup this way, feel free to let us know how it goes, but please know that we do not recommend it from our end.