Solar panel does not make connection to Spotlight Cam Battery

I purchased a Spotlight Cam Batter and Solar Panel and had them professionally installed by Ring’s service provider. Not expecting any problems and with no ladder of my own to reach it one day I start receiving warnings about the battery being low. I have since purchased an additional battery and a ladder and charged both batteries and installed them. I have monitored the battery levels every day and the battery loses percent charged daily. In installing the batteries I also took the camera down and checked the connection from the solar panel cord. It does not appear to make any connection at all. I have read that the app should “Connected” under the Solar Status. Mine does not. I also re-added the devices choosing Spotlight with Solar Panel, same results. The camera is installed in an area that gets mor than 2 hours sun daily. I am concerned that the solar panel and the replacement one sent to me for another issue* both have a different connector than works with my spotlight cam battery. It is very frustrating reading posts that say be sure to fully charge the battery, etc. I would love for the solar panel to do it’s job. My window to return it has passed trying to make it work.

*My installer stated there was a piece missing, turned out it was a product change he was unaware of. The piece in question was designed to secure the cord to the back of the camera with screws.