Solar Panel Connectivity > Spotlight Cam Plus Battery,

I bought my parents 2 Spotlight Cam Plus Battery, (from Amazon as they were out of stock on the Ring site) and 2 Solar Panels (barrel connector). Looking at the back of the cameras though ,there is no socket into which the solar panel lead plugs in, USB/Barrel or otherwise.

I have two cameras myself, both of which were bought without Solar panels, but which I subsequently added the solar panels with no issue, so I assumed I could do the same again.

Has anyone experienced similar, or are able to provide any advice?


Hi @user33430. The Spotlight Cam Plus Solar should have a USB-C port on the back where you can connect the Solar Panel to it. There may be a small cover on the port, but the port will be located above where the QR code is. If you don’t see the QR code, remove the back plate that the ball joint is connected to, and you should see the QR code and device information along with the USB-C port above that.

It does sound like you purchased an older generation of the Solar Panels, since you mention that they have a barrel connector. You can either swap these for the current version of the Solar Panel, which has a USB-C connector, or you can use the Barrel Plug to USB-C Adapter. I hope this helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

I’ve been researching the Spotlight Cam Plus (plugin and solar). I could not find any information online (pictures or videos) from Ring as to the back of their devices and details of how to mount and connect. So, I’ve spent tons of time looking at youtube videos to see if anyone did a video of this.

Lifehackster on Youtube provides a lot of detailed and practical information in his reviews. He did this video on Ring’s new generation of solar panels. He discusses how the new solar panels use USB-C. He descibes that the new solar panels come with adapters to make them backwards compatible. And he shows how to attach them. Maybe his video will help you.

@Caitlyn_Ring My feedback is that Ring should be providing pictures of the back of the devices and showing videos of how to mount these things. I can’t find information from Ring for things like Spotlight Cam Plus with it’s odd mount. And until I found Lifehackster’s videos, I was not aware that the Ring Stick-up cams have the ability to mount with a standard 1/4 screw mount, which would make my life so much easier because I already have those mounts all around my house. I could then simply replace with existing cameras and mount new cameras right on the existing mounts.

Why did Ring redesign the new Spotlight Cam Plus and Pro so that they now longer accpet the standard screw mount? I probably won’t buy it because I don’t want to drill new holes into my house.