Solar Panel charger for spotlight camera always do full charge while doorbell one only trigger at 90%

For my Ring doorbell solar charger, it is by designed to only start charging the battery when it is drop to 90% to preserve the battery performance and life.

But I noticed that is not the case for my spotlight camera solar panel, it always keep charging the battery at 100%.

Why there is a difference between the two? Will it decrease the battery life for my camera if it keep the battery at fully charged all the time?

Hey @alam1128. The reasoning behind this difference is that the solar chargers for our Doorbells are different from the solar panels for our cameras. The way that our solar chargers for our Doorbells are made is that they have an accessory set up with a feature called de-rating. This is something that takes into effect when battery devices are connected to any external power source such as a solar mount (like our chargers) or a low voltage transformer.

What this does is it lowers the capacity to ensure less long term battery degradation since it is not always best with some charging sources to keep batteries above a certain charge for extended periods. Since our chargers will power your Doorbell in a different way than the solar panel charges the camera, this is why you see this difference. Hope this helps clear it up! :slight_smile:

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But with my Camera now consistently at 100% fully charged with the solar panel, will it degrade the battery performance and life?

I think both the doorbell and the camera are using the same type of battery, so I don’t know why the doorbell has this functional but not the camera…

@Caitlyn_Ring :point_up_2::point_up_2:
Can u or have someone help to answer my question above?

@alam1128 As mentioned before, the solar panel functions differently from the solar charger. It’s not a difference in the batteries and the battery performance and life is not going to degrade based on whether or not you use a solar panel or solar charger. Hope that helps answer your question.