Solar Panel and Spotlight Cam Pro

I have Spotlight Cam Pro Battery and Super Solar Panel along with appropriate adapter. I’ve read through all the advice I can find on getting these to work together and I’m still at a loss. I’m tired of dragging a ladder in place and standing on it, trying to make this work. I’ve taken the battery out and put it in. I’ve removed the device from my account and tried to re add it. Has anyone made this work?

@user47762 Ugh ladders…

I don’t have a Spotlight Cam. My experience with the solar panels on Ring Stick Up Cams is that it should just work when you plug it in. I bought third party solar devices on Amazon. The Ring app acknowledged the solar devices, and it works as designed (e.g., app shows battery percentage and when its charging etc.).

Is this a new device and solar panel? Is it possible to bring down the Spotlight Cam Pro and solar panel for you to trouble-shoot some more? At this point, maybe call Ring Support so that they can walk you through required trouble-shooting and replacements if necessary.

Thanks. It’s so frustrating to have spent all this money and have the devices mounted but not functioning. I was using the Spotlight Cam Pro with battery and realized I didn’t want to have to climb the ladder and swap batteries so I bought solar panels. It sounded like a good idea . . .

Agreed! Other than my Ring doorbell, all my devices are plugged in or on solar panels. The Spotlight Can Pro is pricey–even more so when you add the Ring Super Solar.

In my experience, most of these things either work or they don’t. There are some limited trouble-shooting steps. But unless there is misunderstanding of the product, it usually a hardware issue, or a firmware issue that Ring needs to acknowledge and fix, which becoming more and more difficult for the consumer to get Ring to do. So, you definitely want to try to call Support during the return window or at least during warranty period. And buy from Costco if at all possible…

I hope Ring Support addresses the issue for you!

Thanks! I’ve talked to the support folks once but I need to go back and stick with it until someone can help.