Solar Pane with Stick Up Cam Question

Hello. New to ring camera. I bought a stick up cam (latest gen) and I installed both the cam and the solar panel. However, the battery always reads 1% and the connection type in the app shows it’s “wired”. I checked the plug and the panel is getting great sunlight. Do I need to change the mode in settings to battery? How can I tell if my battery is bad or the panel is not good?

I would think that after 48% hours it would read more than 1% or that’s just what it reads out while connected to the panel.


Hi @demoyo23. I would first ensure that your battery has a full charge. After that, you can try resetting your Stick Up Cam by pressing and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then releasing. After that, reconnect it to wifi and it should display the correct power option. I hope this helps!