Solar charger not working doorbell 3


I installed a solar charger for my doorbell 3 and its not working? when I installed it it said it was establised , it gets sun from 7 am till 6 pm,

so whats going wrong?

Hi @Roy_B. What are you seeing in the Ring App to indicate that the Solar Charger is not working? What does it say on the Device Health screen for your Doorbell? If the Solar Charger is getting at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight each day, then it should be providing a trickle charge to your Doorbell’s battery to help keep it topped off.

it wen from 81% to 47%

I called tech support they told me my setting were high and I was doing a lot of vidoe, but the charger schould be strong enough to charge the bat up, maybe next gen the solar syatem will be stronger???

I might be crazy but I seem to remember when I first got my Ring Doorbell and installed the solar panel there was a small icon that showed it was charging - if the solar was connected. Now all I see in Device Health is “Solar Status Established” - wish there was something that gave a little more info…