Solar charger not connected

Bought yesterday ring doorbell 3 and solar charger all fitted correctly reset many times but still said not connected solar charger can any one help or is there a fault as only a day old well frustrating

Hi there, @Yamaxor1! When setting up a Solar Charger for the first time, please allow several hours of direct sunlight before seeing an effective charge applied. By this time, your Ring app should reflect this Solar Charger. Please check the cable is securely connected, as well as limit excessive Ring device usage for an optimal charge to be applied/ seen. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I have the Ring 2nd generation and I also purchased the Wasserstein solar charger for it. I charged the Ring via the USB cable for a day before connecting it to the solar charger. The Ring Doorbell, under “device health”, “power source”… displays either “Hardwired”, “Battery”, or “solar charger not connected”. The battery depleted down to 63 % while connected to the solar charger (lots of direct sunlight) so I contacted Wasserstein. They replaced the solar charger, but there is no difference in the operation. Why does the ring not state “connected to solar charger”, since it does offer the “not connected to the solar charger option”? Am I missing something in the setup or operation?