Solar charger not charging Ring Doorbell 2020 release

My solar status is “Connected”. The doorbell is getting 8-10 hours of sunlight per day. All my power settings are set to “recommended” . In spite of all this my battery seems to be draining at the same pace as before. I purchased the solar accessory. Currently my battery is at 84% and falling rapidly. Can someone explain what the solar accessory is supposed to do? My expectation was that it would keep the Ring Doorbell charged or at least significantly slow the drain. That is not happening. I’ve even set a very limited zone for motion detection under advanced settings. I almost never get motion detection alerts now. Can someone tell me what this solar accessory is supposed to be doing and how I can confirm that it is working. At this point I feel like I purchased an expensive mounting kit.

Hi @Weymouth21A. The Solar Charger is meant to provide a trickle charge to your Ring Doorbell to help you charge the battery less often depending on the environment and the amount of activity the Doorbell records. You can find some troubleshooting tips in our Help Center Article here if you notice the Solar Charger not reporting as connected or it never provides any type of trickle charge to the Doorbell. It’s important to note that the Solar Charger will not charge the Doorbell as quickly as the included charging cable plugged into a power outlet due to how it is designed, but with direct sunlight daily it should provide a small trickle charge each day.