Solar charger is not working

I’m so frustrated with Ring and the lack of support. Asking people to log into a message board and post to a thread to get assistance feels cold and evasive. It’s super easy to purchase items but hard to get support for the purchase?

Anyway, I have a Doorbell 2. I purchased a sold charge for this. I get direct sunlight to this area. That said, it is not keeping my bell charged. I just had to charge it via plug yesterday. Anyone else have this issue. What was the solution?

I am having problems with ring doorbell solar panel. It was charging the battery and now it’s not. I purchased this solar panel for purpose of charge the battery so I would not have to take it out and manually do it. The sun directly face the doorbell. The solar panel has completely stop charging the doorbell. Is there a replacement product coming out. What is the issue? What was the solution?

Customer service is lacking in so many ways. I am having the same problem with the solar charger. It’s an epic fail.

Sorry to hear about this @peppers2! The Solar Charge mount for the Video Doorbells should certainly provide your battery a charge. This will depend on variables such as number of events per day, wifi signal efficiency, and outside temperature. To ensure your Solar Charger is working optimally, please ensure it is mounted in an area where it will receive direct sunlight for several hours. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: