Solar charger for Videodoorbell 3+ giving 'not connected' message

I have installed a solar charger for a video doorbell 3+. It’s all connected up properly (checked), but the device health is showing ‘Not Connected’ under Solar Status. Why is this?

Hi @PeterStabler. Is this during the day where the sun is shining on the Solar Panel, or at night? As long as your Solar Panel is registering that it is connected when it is receiving direct sunlight, this is normal operation. This is because the Solar Panel is only receiving power during daylight hours. This provides a slow trickle charge for your battery-operated device. Depending on your wifi strength and the number of event activations per day, you should see a positive trend in your battery percentage. I hope this information helps!

Why does it say not connected in device health when the solar charger is connected. Does it need sun to say connected?