Solar charger and DB3, charging issue - does it recharge the battery or does the DB3 run on the solar charger?

Ring Team, needed a few clarifications

Read quite a few discussion topics on the Ring community (and external forums) and quite frankly need the Ring team to confirm if:
a) The DB3 solar charger actually charges the battery in the DB3 - in which case, days when there is no event (Netflix binge watching days, and maybe just 1 or 2 events - food delivery of course) then the battery should go up by 1% at the very least (trickle charge), with almost 7 hours of direct sunlight. Which means, then the charge should not go down at all


b) Does the DB3 run off the solar charger when sunlight is available and not from the battery - in which case then the battery charge will not go down, nor will it go up - which in turn increases the battery life, but will ultimately have to recharge the battery one day (just that it will take longer to discharge, thanks to the solar charger) - not sure if the tiny solar charger produces even power for the DB3 to run directly

Which of the 2 options is it?

So far, neither of the 2 options are working out for me with the solar charger and DB3, as the battery charge is still going down by 1% each day (even tried with different batteries)

Please note, all prior required conditions are already met i.e.

  1. Ring had sent me a replacement DB3
  2. RSSI is varying in the range of 47 to 50 now
  3. Battery is well below 89%
  4. Distance between DB3 and router is just 2.5 metres, with only the main wooden door standing in between
  5. It is connected on 2G for better range, as 5G range was an issue (post Ring remote troubleshooting). Even switched off 5G to reduce interruption
  6. And yes, the DB3 device health shows it is connected to the solar charger
  7. Recommended settings in place for DB3

Hence, what’s missing, or is it just that the DB3 solar charger was released prematurely

Am yet to fix and try the solar panel for the spotlight cam - however overall feedback seen on that is better. So hoping for a better result than the DB3 solar charger combo