Solar Charger and Corner Kit install together? (for 2nd Gen Doorbell)


I was wondering if its possible to install the corner kit along with the Solar Charger? I don’t have a hard wired connection so the Solar Charger is the ultimate solution to not having to charge via USB cable every week or so.

Unfortunately, I am in a position where we need a Corner Kit to get that perfect view that we need. So that holds my question … can the Corner Kit and the solar Charger be installed together? I would assume Corner Kit first, then Solar Charger, then Ring Doorbell on top of that? Does it sound crazy!?

Thanks all in advance!

Hey @Chrisg750. This is not crazy at all, and I actually helped another neighbor with this a bit ago! Feel free to check it out here, but you have the order right. It’ll be the Corner Kit > The Solar Charger > then Doorbell. :slight_smile: