Software Update to Allow Floodlight Wire Pro Use without Wifi

I happily owned two floodlight wired pro cams that worked for over a year without issue. I recently installed two more… then the trouble started. Initially everything seemed to be working fine. I was able to get all four floodlight cameras working (thanks to the easy installation and configuration instructions) and I was soon able to optimize the coverage and notifications.

All of these floodlights replaced outdoor security lighting around my property and covered entry doors and passageways.

Additionally I have a ring door bell 3 that has been working for about 2 years - no issue.

Within 24 hours all of the floodlights stopped working. This unfortunately happened at night. I frantically tried everything in the troubleshooting tips, reset the device, reset the router, reboot the device, reboot the router… nothing worked. None of the floodlights would communicate over wifi after the initial config was done. I particularly noticed that the devices stopped communicating after the automatic Ring update completed. As some point each of the four floodlights became totally unresponsive until a hard shut down and power up from the circuit breaker. After which I would start the configuration over again, complete setup, complete device software update, then promptly loose wifi connectivity.

Meanwhile - the Ring Doorbell 3 continued to work like a champ! :slight_smile:

I became stuck with four bricks and no outdoor lighting.

The next day I cut power to all but one floodlight off to start my process of elimination. The floodlight is about 20 feet from my router and had a RSSI value of 45 (green / decent connectivity). I went through the setup process a few times, same result, then I gave up.

I called customer service and the very kind and patient agent tried to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. She was able to determine that the floodlight would continuously connect and disconnect. . None of her suggested fixes worked. The agent suspected that either something was wrong with my router or the device. I explained that all of my other wifi devices were working without issue. I was actually streaming video over wifi. I informed the agent that my router app shows that the floodlight is connected to the router / wifi. The Ring app would intermittently show the device connected, then a few minutes later, disconnected. The agent graciously offered to send me a replacement, which I happily accepted.

My current problem is that I have four flood lights that do not perform even the basic functions (lighting or motion detection). Having spent so much money / investment in the Ring ecosphere (in addition to the hours of installation, setup, and configuration), I would think the product designers would ensure basic functionality in the event of wifi connectivity loss.

After reviewing several post and trying it myself, it seems as though the floodlight can be made to turn on (to provide light) for about a minute. This is not acceptable for many basic purposes. There should be a basic way to force the flood light to remain on until manually switched off. I’m actually surprised it doesn’t do this - given the situation I’m currently in.

(as an aside - I have several smart LED bulbs in my house and they all function without wifi).

Bonus points awarded to the team to determine a way for the light to come on at night time and turn off during the day using only the onboard sensors and not requiring wifi or user configuration. IMO - this should be the default functionality out of the box. This would allow the owner to use the product in the event wifi / internet goes out (which has been posted about on other threads).

Until the floodlight wired pro software is updated to allow the light to be forced on manually…

I am stuck with the sunk cost of four expensive floodlights that don’t currently work, and the decision to continue troubleshooting (e.g. buy another router???), or remove the Ring devices and revert back to the basic outdoor lighting I previously had.

I think the Ring team would be well suited to provide a software update that allows manual operation of the floodlight (independent of the wifi). My light is connected to a wall switch that could easily be used to manually control the light. I believe the floodlight also has bluetooth connectivity, or the Ring internal wifi connect directly to a mobile device (temporarily), or some other thing they can come up with…

Any help from the ring team is greatly appreciated… I will post an update once I receive the replacement device… and I buy a new router??

Hi @jayjohnke. Thank you for sharing all of the details regarding what troubleshooting steps you’ve tried and what our support team has suggested you try so far. As the Ring Community is a public forum, my team is able to provide general troubleshooting tips and tricks, such as the ones you have already gone through. My recommendation would be to follow up with support if this persists with the replacement Floodlight Cam after you try a new router, if you choose to go that route. Our support team is able to take a much deeper look at concerns like this, where the root of the issue is not a common one that can be resolved with basic troubleshooting information. With that said, please feel free to update this thread as you work with our support team, as it may help other neighbors if they find themselves in a similar situation.