So secure I cannot even open it with Ring tools. Help!

So I borrowed a friends Ring screwdriver and then I found my own. Neither of them seem to fit the screw that I need to open to reset the wifi on my Ring 2 Doorbell (see pic) . What am I missing? Is there another tool that came with it? My handyman didn’t have a tool that could open it either. Getting frustrated, haven’t had my doorbell online in a month.


Depending on the product, Ring has a couple of different tools. All have orange handles and reversible “blades”. The Ring doorbell uses a stardriver blade. Make sure you have that one.

Hi @mhrndz13! It looks like you are needing to use the secure screw driver bit to remove your Doorbell’s security screw. These can be obtained at in the spare parts kits for your Ring device model.

If you are needing any further assistance with removing that screw, feel free to reach out to our support team, or check back here for any recommendations! :slight_smile: