Snowy Swirl in Front of Cam like Bugs

There is a swirl or sometimes driving lines in front of my camera at night sometimes. It looks like a snowstorm or driving hail storm. It sometimes looks like bugs flying. It happens outside and inside. After looking at it and cleaning it, it still occurs. It was not snowing, hailing, or downpouring rain. There were no bugs flying or crawling.

The cam inside the house had frequent streaks but not nearly as many as outside. Someone was home and cleaned the lense and saw no bugs while I continued to see the moving lines with him there.

This movement does not set off the camera.

All cams are external stickup cams.

As you can see from the pictures, this problem makes it difficult to see what sets off the camera.

Why does this sometimes happen?

Thank you for any help with this problem.

Additional picture.

Additional picture.

Additional picture. There were lines coming down from various angles appearing like particles were falling from the ceiling.

There were no bugs.

My husband cleaned it. The falling lines continued.

Other nights it shows nothing!

Hi @user82097. This is typically caused by very small bugs, or dust particles moving around in the air in front of the Ring Camera. The reason you’re seeing it at night is because the light from the Camera is on to illuminate the view. If it’s been very windy lately, this could be kicking up a lot of dust, especially as the season begins to change and there may be pollen in the air too.