Snooze Motion - multiple devices

I have a Ring Doorbell and a Ring Floodlight at my back door. When I mow the lawn I would like to snooze the motion alerts so it doesn’t trigger the cameras a dozen or so times during my efforts. The problem is, I have to snooze on my phone, my wife’s phone, then her tablet and finally my tablet. This is a nuisance. Can someone explain why the “Snooze motion on all cameras” has incomplete labeling? It should be called “Snooze motion on all cameras but only on this device”. In general I like the Ring design, but I cannot for the life of me understand why this setting is only applied to a single device rather than every device associated with this account. This is a design failure.

I realize uninstalling it on our tablets is probably the best move to minimize the “noise,” but my phone isn’t always nearby when I am in the house. The problem still exists that we have to snooze it on multiple phones.


Hey @TechNut. Thank you so much for your feedback on this situation! I will make sure to pass this and your experience onto the appropriate teams, as we are always trying to make things better for our neighbors. You are indeed correct in the assumption that the snooze of these notifications that you are preferring are only for the Application itself on that specific phone, and therefore everyone would need to be preforming the snooze to get a complete snooze that you are looking for. The solution that I think would work best for you is to utilize our new Modes feature. If you do not care to see yourself mowing your lawn or anything else, you can “Disarm” your Ring Doorbell(s)/Camera(s) at any time to disable motion detection, which will then disable the alerts as well. Let me know if that works for you! :slight_smile:

While I think your solution will mostly solve my frustration, the mode button may need a duration feature, like the Snooze option. My concern is that I will disarm it while performing yard work, then forget to set the mode back to “home” once I have completed my efforts.


We understand and will pass along your concerns and suggestions. Thank you

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I did learn through trial and error that I had to go into settings and configure each of the modes. It now works pretty well for my needs, but it also emphasized my wish to put a time limit on it as I discovered it still disabled this afternoon after about 4 hours.

It would also be nice if there was a way to disable just one device. I have some open doors in the summer to dissipate heate in our west-facing garage. I would like to put a camera in there, but only during the hottest summer months when it is open until 10:30 or so. Just sort of thinking out loud on this one as my wife and I had been discussing this idea, but abandoned it because we didn’t want it to go off all winter when our garage was closed up and we went out to use the treadmill.


Same problem. So I have to change mode at 3am to walk thru my dining room so my son, who is a authorized user, who lives in Ca, won’t get a notification. How Mickey Mouse is that? I’m sorry I invested in this company. I’d switch if I wasn’t so heavily invested.

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I actually prefer the settings to apply to just each device. We have cameras around our elderly mom’s home and and we are in various parts of the state. If I snooze a camera, i don’t want it to affect anyone else’s settings.

And I also have the app on my Apple Watch and multiple chimes so it is terribly frustrating. It seems that there should be some way to “sync” an account so that it is the same on all devices. I san’t think of any reason not to do that.

We have a similar, but slightly different situation: we have multiple properties, each with multiple cameras. I would like to press 1 “snooze” button and have them all snooze for a period of time. Or even 1 per property. Technically, the properties are already "grouped " together in the app, it should be easy enough to create “master controls or settings” for the individual property that sends the same messages to each camera. I can’t always silence my device because of work, so every 4 hours I’m back in the device hitting the snooze button on the camera.

I’d also like more control on the CALENDAR feature. We use 2 of our properties as Airbnb rentals. We want to know when people arrive and leave. But their regular activity around the house and in the yard after they arrive, we don’t need/want to be alerted for (that’s what the timeline would be for if needed). I would like to be able to set the cameras to snooze the alarms for whole days based on the calendar blocks (example: turn on for check in/out days, and turn off on days where someone is in the unit).

Hi @Mistypt. Thanks for sharing your feedback with the Community. As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add these suggestions and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature! :slight_smile:

I realize the modes trick can mitigate the issue of the annoying notifications on all the devices. However, it comes at the expense of disabling the recordings, which is problematic. For security and documentation purposes (believe me you want that) I need the cameras to continue recording these motion events. It’s just that I want to be able to snooze all the devices linked to the account for a specified duration with a single global button. In fact, the same existing global snooze button should simply give the option to snooze “only on this device” or “on the entire account”, in addition to the time duration.

This is not a sufficient solution. After calling ring support and waiting on hold forever, I was told to hit the top right moon button to disable cameras on all iPhones/iPads. This obviously was incorrect and didn’t work. This seems like a basic function. Blink can do this, why can Ring not too? And my blink is free! Very disappointed!!

I had similar use case (mowing lawns), but also each morning I go out to get newspaper on the porch and want to snooze it so my wife (still sleeping) doesn’t have a warning on her device. Issue is changing the mode itself creates an alert which renders my mode change pointless.

Feature Request: Need ability to Snooze Motion Detection for a period of time (currently available), on one device or for all devices on the account.

So, it’s two years since the original post, and I don’t think there is an acceptable solution. Ring Team, can you give an update?

Please fix this! It is so annoying! I want to snooze all devices on a mobile devices with one motion.

I have the same issue. Would like to know if there is a plan to resolve.

Shouldn’t have to disable devices. I have multiple.

Hi Neighbors. We have a few options available for Snoozing Motion Alerts on your phone. First, you can use the Snooze or Global Snooze option. This will snooze alerts for the selected duration of time. Another option is to set a Motion Schedule for you device. This is great if you don’t want alerts during a specific timeframe on certain days. Lastly, you can control alerts with Modes. Modes for Cameras allow you to control how a device behaves based on what Mode you are in. If none of these options work for you, and you have an idea on how to improve this experience, please submit it to our Feature Request Board here. Thanks, Neighbors!

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This issue needs attention and resolution by Ring.

I leave for work in the AM and would like to not disturb my wife. The support team’s answer as actually to “Motion snooze on her device”. So, I am to wake her to snooze the device every AM so I don’t wake her up?

Add a feature to “snooze ALL devices” AND add a feature so that you can snooze for a single minute or 5 minutes to leave, get the paper, whatever you need to do.

And, if the answer is to add an exception for that time every day when I leave, also ridiculous. That is when I would want the monitoring most. Right when I leave, for a sleeping house.

Every single false alarm conditions you to ignore the device… so that ultimately it does not do any good.

Hi, I have latest Ring app. for video doorbell 4. Where is the Global Snooze function, as I have no moon icon. ??? I can only go into chime snooze on one camera and device at a time. Need a single Global snooze button to mute multiple cameras on multiple apple devices. The function is shown on the support pages, but not there to use on the latest Ring 4 doorbells ??? Hopefully by bumping a couple of old threads, will get an answer. thanks.

Hi @user37472. I have responded to your post regarding the same concern.