snooze intead of view

Hi there! i enclose a photo regarding my concern. It started yesterday that instead of view everytime i get a notification on my floodlight it shows snooze. Thanks

Thank you for sharing @morrine_03! The snooze option is an option to use if you are receiving frequent motion events and do not want to. This option is also within the RIng app itself. For viewing, tapping that notification banner (not the snoozed button), should populate a video or bring you to the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Ring, your response is incorrect. As the user in the original question stated, you receive “Snooze” notification only. When you select it you only have an option to select the length of the snooze…no option is available to view the video. This started when the new version 3.26.0 came out on 5/11. Please fix this otherwise users when they get notifications on their phones have to launch the entire app first iand wait for the video to buffer (2mins) before they can see the alert in the event folder. The only way I have been able to get around it is to have my Samsung S10 throw a notification to my Samsung watch and my watch gives me an option to “show on phone”. Please fix this ASAP on the Ring app.