Snooze Alert Feature on Spotlight Cam Does Not Work

Needed to temporarily disable motion alerts on spotlight cam. Through Snooze Alert feature on Iphone VI Ring app, set snooze time to 1 hour. The motion slider went to off state. This had no effect as motion alert notifications continued to appear on phone as well as chimes kept annunciating. My impression is that this is a software bug.

Hey @rdrew39! It sounds like you are operating this feature correctly. I recommend removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device to see if this improves operation. The Snooze feature is designed to prevent alerts for the designated time set. Please ensure, also, that your Cam’s signal strength, or RSSI, is sufficient for these settings to take effect. If this concern persists, try reaching out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting.

Deleting/reinstalling the app (iOS) didn’t solve my problem with alerts still coming through on other devices logged into the same Ring acct from my Spotlight Camera (wifi) when ‘Motion Snooze’ was enabled.

Background information:

  • app installed on two iOS devices and my Ring account is linked to Amazon Alexa devices

  • Snooze enabled via one of the iOS (13) devices

  • When the camera is trigged, the alert comes through the iOS (13) device which wasn’t used to enable the Snooze and also through the Alexa devices.

  • The alert didn’t come through on the iOS device that was used to enable the Snooze

  • The iOS device that wasn’t used to enable the Snooze doesn’t show that Snooze is enabled

  • It seems the Snooze setting made on one device is not syncing with other devices logged into the same Ring acct

  • I closed and opened the apps on the iOS devices multiple times in an attempt to force them to sync, but it made no difference - one iOS device showed Snooze being enabled but the other iOS device continued to show the Snooze disabled

Why is this issue happening ?

Same, it appears all logins must activate snooze independently and that snooze function does not sync

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, neighbors! The original post was in regards to the duration not saving and snooze not enabling when prompted. Removing and reinstalling the Ring app, as well as ensuring for optimal wifi and mobile device connection, should resolve this concern.

Regarding your observations that Snooze does not “sync” or reflect across all logged in devices, this is by design. When you activate the Snooze feature for a device, it will only do so for that specific mobile device. As we value all of our neighbor feedback, consider this shared with our teams here! :slight_smile:

Does that apply to other users also?

I too am having this big problem

If it is a design choice as you say then it is a poor design choice.

We have 6 devices with the ring app on, 2 iPads, 2 phones and 2 Apple watches.

If I’m at home inside watching tv and my wife is doing some gardening in the front yard I want to snooze alerts for 1 hour and have that snooze on the camera and sync to all devices otherwise I have to sit inside and hear 2 or 3 other devices constantly going off with motion alerts and my wife out the front with her Apple Watch getting alerts too.

We shouldn’t each have to manage multiple devices to snooze all of them each time we want to snooze as this is ridiculous

At least correct it by making it snooze on a camera level and sync to all devices or add in a software update that puts a toggle to sync snooze across all devices or to only be device that set the snooze

Thank you for your feedback on this, @w00dy81! I wanted to update you and this thread on this motion snooze feature, as we are always working to add to and improve on our devices and features. You’ll be happy to hear that Motion Snooze is available from the dashboard of your Ring app, and will control all Cameras. By tapping the Motion Snooze icon on the top right hand of the Ring app dashboard, this will initiate Global Snooze, applying to all camera enabled devices, and the option will appear to select duration. Check out our help center article about Motion Snooze for more information. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back to me

i have a few questions regarding the wording on your response

"Motion Snooze is available from the dashboard of your Ring app, and will control all Cameras,

this will initiate Global Snooze, applying to all camera enabled devices"

does this mean it snoozes motion alerts for all devices ie. phones & iPads, what does “all camera enabled devices” mean?

also was this feature included in an app updated on the App Store or a camera firmware update?

if its to the app in the App Store i thought apple upated its guidelines on exceptable app update notes top include more that just “including us fixes and improvements” as this is not very helpful for users tracking bugs they need to know are fixed? See included sreenshot of the update notes

Great questions, @w00dy81! To clarify, snoozing from the Ring app dashboard will snooze all camera enabled Ring devices. This means the snooze does not apply to Alarm, Chime, Smart Lighting, or other mobile devices you might be using. This Global Snooze is option covers all camera based Ring devices on one app, at one location. Keep in mind, if you have multiple locations, this operation would need to be completed per location in the Ring app, to avoid alerts when desired.

In regards to Ring app updates, keep an eye on our New Features section in the Ring app menu. This, and checking our Community, is the best way to remain up to date and informed on new features. I will also deliver this feedback to our teams here for future consideration for more detail. :slight_smile: