Snapshots not updating

Hi All,

I have 7 cameras. My 4 indoor cameras work fine no issues at all. My 3 indoor/outdoor cameras have been having issues.

  1. Snapshots don’t update when they’re supposed to. I have them set to 3 minutes, some take an hour to update.

  2. Pan/Tilt Mount - Doesn’t work at all.

I’ve called Ring support many times but keep getting the same story that everything will be fixed in 24 hours… never does. Anyone else having these issues?


Hi @Ryan1983. What is the RSSI for the devices with the Snapshot not working? You can find this information in the Device Health Section of the Ring app. Are these devices battery operated? Additionally, try performing a reset on the device by pressing and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then releasing and reconnecting to WiFi. Let me know if this yields an improvement.