Snapshot turns lights on every interval at night

I have the Spotlight Cam with Solar Panel and have Snapshot Feature every 5 minutes.

Is there an option to NOT turn lights on at night? Right now, Snapshot turns lights on and off every 5 minutes all night. Why can’t it take night vision snapshots?

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Hey @Bluedory. Thank you for bringing this up, as this is not the intended feature with Snapshot Capture! The device should be able to just capture whatever picture it is seeing, and not having the lights on. If the lights are coming on, there may be something in the picture or area that is triggering the PIR sensor underneath the camera to set off the lights, as this is a much bigger zone than the camera’s motion detection zone. Do you have anything in the 270 degree FOV for the PIR sensor for the lights that could be setting off the camera? In addition, feel free to take a picture of what is around/under the camera so I could see if there is anything in plain sight that could be setting it off.

Thank you for replying back. No activity that would cause lights to go off. I don’t mind if lights turn on at night due to motion but not due to Snapshot Feature. Also the light turns on then off exactly every 5 minutes which is the set interval. I only found out as my doorbell has video footage throughout the night and marks times every 5 minutes of light activity.

Here is my doorbell showing activity every 5 minutes exactly.

@Bluedory Thanks for getting back to me! Can you try turning off Snapshot Capture tonight and see if your Camera still has the light turning on every 5 minutes?

Will do! I’ll post tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Just checked Ring Spotlight Cam and Doorbell and no activity at night on my spotlight cam. Looks like lights were turning on only due to Snapshot Feature :cry:

@Bluedory Thank you for getting back to me, and I apologize for the delay. One last thing for us to do now, is to confirm it’s still making the lights come on after verifying they don’t come on when this feature is off. From there, I will ask you to report this into our support team for a further investigation!

If you feel up to, try turning on the Snapshot feature again, and then go outside during any of these times, and see if you can capture on video the lights turning on every 5 minutes, and then shutting off. Once you have this evidence, report this to our support team so it can be looked into further with your specific device. This will ensure you have the best next steps going further, and have verified with all advanced troubleshooting through them that we have not missed anything. Let me know how this conversation goes when you do reach out to our support team here via phone! :slight_smile:

Good Afternoon,

I have already turned back on Snapshot Feature and attached last night showing lights turning on every 5 minutes which still marches the interval set. I have included a clip of the lights turning on then off.

Please forward this to Support team. This is why I reported this to the Help Forums. Not sure why I have to do the same thing to another area all over again.

Screenshot of lights turning on then off immediately.

Post will not allow me to upload video clip

@Bluedory I apologize that you have to take the extra step to report this to our support team via phone, but as we are a neighbor to neighbor support forum, we are not a direct line to support. We have not reported on this concern yet in the manner that it would cause an investigation, which is why you need to report this to our support team over the phone! They may be able to isolate this further after taking a deeper look into your account to see if this is a device specific concern, or a concern with the software on your device.

In addition, you will be unable to upload a screen recording here, but you can compress the file to a ZIP file and attach it that way for the future! Please let me know what our support team finds, and if they escalate this manner up or are able to resolve it with in-depth troubleshooting on your specific device and account.