Snapshot not working


I have enabled snapshot and tried different times but it does not take a snapshot. I have no events between the doorbell being pressed when I should see hourly snapshots.

I don’t enable motion alerts as the doorbell is on street and there are just two many notifications so this was a useful function.

Please help.

Thank you

Hi @Skydiei. If you have the Snapshot Feature enabled in the Ring app, you should be seeing them in your Event History Timeline. This Help Center article here can give you more information on the Snapshot Capture. I hope this helps!

I’ve noticed the same thing. I need to conserve battery, so I only left the Doorbell functionality and Snapshots left on (disabling motion dection).

In the Live View roll playback, there are no snapshots captured.
The article referenced there says how to enable them. I have mine set to hourly. I’ve had them enabled several months… no snapshots show in the roll.

I’m thinking this is a bug at this stage.
I just tested, and when I turn Motion Notifications on, then Snapshots have started working.
When I turn Motion Notifications off, Snapshots stop working.

Nothing in the Snapshots documentation, or in the app, mention that MN is a pre-requisite. And in fact in the design of the app, Snapshots is in a completely different section of settings, keeping it separate.

So is this a bug ?

Hi @ade_m. I’d like to look into this for you. Can you share some information such as your phone type and Ring app version? Also, what model of doorbell did you notice this behavior on? I have a few Indoor Cams that have Motion Notifications turned off, but my Snapshot Feature is still functional.