Snapshot not working on wired cameras

I have two wired wired spotlight cameras and the snapshot feature does not work. I have snapshot turned on but I don’t see them on my timeline

Hi @f49970fbef67a782094a. Do you have an active Ring Protect Plan subscription? What is the interval you have selected for the Snapshots? What is the devices RSSI?

Hi all,

I also have an issue with the snapshots of my Floodlight Cam Wired Pro at night time. They look all blurred
Any ideas?
I tried to call the support phone number for France… it does not work !

Hi @gregoriedore. The concern here looks like a dirty lens. This could be dirt or water drops. I suggest wiping the lens with a soft cloth and a mild cleaner. Also, the support number may be giving you an issue if you are calling from a cell phone and not a landline. I hope this helps.

Hi Tom
Thanks for your reply but here is a snapshot after cleaning the drops

Regarding the phone number… I do not have a landline, only a cell. Could you please share the phone number in international format (like +33 800 00 00 00)? Thanks

Hi @gregoriedore. I’m happy to chime in. Since you have cleaned the lens and it still appears to be blurry, the next best thing is to contact our support team to further assist. We only have the numbers available here to call for support. You can also reach out to our support team on social media by sending a private message to @Ring on Facebook or sending a direct message to @Ring on Twitter.