Snapshot not working on new indoor camera

Just setup an indoor camera last night and turned on snapshot. Not there are long periods where I should be able to access snapshots but when I scroll to it I get a message that the footage is unavailable.

I deleted the app and reinstalled and it didn’t change. I made sure I had the latest firmware and I do.

Any help? Thoughts?

Hey @Chance1432. Could you try rebooting your Indoor Cam? For this, press and hold down the setup button for 30 seconds and then see if you still get an error message of footage unavailable over the following 24 hours!

So I I held the button down which put it into setup mode. After not being able to figure out what to do next I hit the button again and the camera reconnected to the WiFi. I still can’t see the snapshots. It just says unavailable.

@Chance1432 For any old snapshots that has issues uploading to your event history, those will stay unavailable. Since you have it reconnected to your wifi, please monitor it for the next 24 hours and ensure you get Snapshots this time! Please also check your settings under Device Settings > Snapshot Capture to ensure that this is still on and in the intervals of frequency that you want to see them. If you still see that they are unavailable, let me know what your RSSI is in 24 hours, as that may be an indicators as to why the uploads are unavailable.

So for what it’s worth it’s still not working but the two Ring indoor cameras I setup last night are doing just fine with snapshot.

So it’s not even trying to take snapshots now. I’ve made sure the settings are right and on and it isn’t doing anything. Is there anyway I can return it for a new one?

@Chance1432 From here I recommend to reach out to our support team here. They can take a deeper look into the camera that is not having snapshot footage available to see why that is the case, as well as work out any refunds/returns that may be needed.