Snapshot Not Updating

I have 2 ring doorbells on the same WiFi network. One has no issues and updates the snapshot every time I open the app. The other is not updating the snapshot at all. It is capturing events and rings but I am not able to load them on the app or see any updated snapshot or see a live view. I have reset the doorbell, disconnected and reconnected to WiFi and still same issue. Any ideas here? Thanks!

For at least the “No Live View” aspect of your issue, start by determining if it’s the hardware itself, or the connection. Here’s some steps I’ve found useful:

  • Check your Live View on If the camera and Live View works fine there (as mine does), you’ll know it’s NOT a hardware or connection issue
  • Uninstall the Ring app from your phone, and download/install an older functional version. On Android, version 3.35.1 worked for me and others. If this version of the app works for you, you’ll have even more certainty that it’s an issue with the most recent app versions (as many other have reported). If you have iOS, I’m not sure how to roll back the app unfortunately.
  • If you rule out your own setup (hardware/connection) as the issue, keep monitoring this board to find out when they fix this problem with the app

Hi! Thanks for your reply. This is what I see online. Not able to stream live or see a preview of back door. On the app it shows back door is connected to the internet and I see events coming in as the red 1 dot but unable to load video from them. Could it be an issue with the actual camera hardware?