Snapshot feature/timeline not showing up

My Ring cam timeline has not been working for days. I have it set to capture every minute and my firmware is up to date. I go to my live view and when I close, it goes back to the history list of videos. Also- is there a way to view the snapshots WITHOUT opening and closing live view?

Hi @AngiDI. I’d suggest first checking your Snapshot Capture settings to ensure everything is configured to your preferences. Next, review your Modes settings and make sure motion detection is not disabled. Turning off motion detection will prevent the Snapshot Capture feature from working.

As for the Event History Timeline, you can access it after closing the Live View. If you want to see the Event History Timeline first instead of the Live View first, you can navigate to Device Settings > Video Settings > and toggle off the Tap Camera Preview for Live View option. This will bring you directly to the Event Timeline rather than the Live View when you tap on a Camera Preview.