Snapshot Capture Option Missing from 3 of 4 indoor cameras

I just installed 4 identical “Indoor Cameras”. All have the same exact configuration. From the app, in settings -> device settings, 3 of them do not have “Snapshot Capture”, 1 of them does. Under Settings -> Device Health, all 4 show Firmware as “Up to Date”.

I’ve searched and seen quite a few people asking about snapshot capture missing from some of their cameras but I’ve not seen any real answers to them. In my case it’s clearly not the app or an issue with my Ring Protect account (which I have) as 1 camera has the option.

The 3 that do not have the option have similar MAC addresses, the 1 that does is not TOO far from the other 3 (1st -3rd Octets are the same fro all 4, the 4th octet is 35 for the camera with the option vs 34 for the other 3).

A) how do I see an actual firmware version?

B) What is the fix to get the Snapshot capture option on my other cameras?

If the version is “Up to Date” you have no way to know the version.

Missing snaptshot capture is usally attributed to an older firmware version. Odd that all of your firmware is up to date. There defintely is a correlation to when the camera was manufactured and having this feature work. I bought 2 cameras from Best Buy and they worked fine. The 2 I bought form are stuck on the older firmware and the snapshot feature doesn’t work.

Yet another victim of the dreaded Ring camera firmware. Geeze what a piece of junk.

Do the world a favor and go to the Best Buy website and give your camera the approapriate rating.

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