Snapshot Capture Ignoring Schedule

I’ve had my Ring 3 Plus for just around 9 months now. When I first set it up, it took the snapshot captures according to my 15 minute schedule, with only a couple missed occasionally. I eventually changed it to 1 hour snapshots to preserve battery, and I believe it was sometime after that change where it started barely taking any snapshots. It’s been multiple months since it took snapshots with any regularity. As of now, despite having it set at 1-hour intervals, it’s only taken about a handful of snapshots in the past 24-hour hours, and there are multiple hour gaps between some, and it looks like less than 1-hour gaps between others. It seems to have no awareness of the schedule.

I’ve tried toggling the option off and then on again. I’ve deleted all previous snapshots. Battery has been recharged multiple times since this has started. Any other ideas I can try?

Hi @jtracey9. I suggest performed a reset on your Doorbell and reconnecting it to wifi. To do a reset, press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. Once that is complete, you can reconnect to wifi. After you’ve confirmed the Doorbell is online, check to see the RSSI of the Doorbell in the Device Health menu and ensure it is within a useable range. This should allow your Snapshot Capture to worked as intended. Let me know if this helps!