Snapshot Capture Feature Bug with Ring Doorbell 1

I have found a bug with the iOS app if you have a Ring Doorbell 1/Classic unit. If I select the snapshot capture feature for my Doorbell Classic camera I eventually will discover withing a week that the app will indicate that the camera is currently offline. I will have no ability to access the camera nor make any changes to the camera features. However I have found that the doorbell is truly online and is capturing the snapshots. I’ve checked my router and found that the doorbell is active and passing data. To get the camera back “online” as far as the app knows, all I have to do is put some motion in front of the camera. As soon as I get the indication of motion on my app, the camera status changes to online and to prove it has been online, I will find snapshot pictures during the timeframe that the app reported the camera off line. RSSI is -41 and the battery is at 100%. I find that by turning off the Snapshot Camera feature, the door bell will have no further reportages of connectivity losses.

I’ve reported this to tech support who will be investigating and trying to reproduce this situation. I’ve found no similar issues with my Doorbell 2 camera using the Snapshot Camera Feature.


Thank you for sharing your experience and observations in great detail! If you have not already tried, removing and reinstalling the Ring app is a great way to ensure it is up to date and optimally integrated with your mobile device. Please also ensure VPN is disabled during this time. Testing your mobile device connection on wifi only, or cell data only, is a great way to rule out these connection factors as well.

Feel free to let us know if any of the above helped to improve this functionality. We will, of course, share this feedback with the appropriate teams.