Smoke Listener Question

Just setup a full house system - pretty much everything. I haven’t setup the smoke/c02 listener though because i have some concerns around false alarms. I know that you can turn it off within 30 seconds at the keypad. BUT is there a way to temp shut down the sensor? And/or only have the sensor active during an armed mode?

Not wanting fire dept called due to a cooking incident.

Hi @MikeW00. This Help Center article here has information on what happens when a Smoke Alarm is triggered. The Smoke and CO Listener cannot be turned off temporarily.

Saw that article. 30 second disarm doesn’t make it fun.

Honestly having a sleep feature on the smoke in particular would be a huge upgrade.

I’ve seen similar concerns as most new homes have incredibly sensitive detectors so much so the code has changed to not put them in kitchens now in recent years). It’s an incredibly simplistic coding option that could also be beneficial on motion sensors.

Hi @MikeW00. Thanks for this feedback! Feel free to add this to our Feature Request board.

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