Smoke detection

What is the easiest way to add smoke detection in my apartment? I am not interested in a whole security system, but from what I am reading, I think one is required.

What would I need to get started if I wanted to buy a firstalert detector?


Good question, @Deanlansley! The Ring Alarm system is required for the First Alert Smoke and Co device to Work With Ring as intended. This is also true for the Ring Listener. When adding these devices to your home, an optimal experience is found through features and options presented through having a smart ‘Ring of security’.

The Alarm Base Station is what controls communication between other Alarm and Works With Ring zwave devices. This allows for various options in the Ring app and for integrations. The Alarm Base Station is part of the Ring Alarm Security Kit, and Smoke and CO options can be found on the accessories page at With Ring Alarm the option for professional monitoring also becomes available via Protect Plus plan subscription. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: