Smoke / Co2 Listener not passing the alarm to base station

Trying to set up a smoke /co2 listener without success. When in test mode, I trigger the test mode siren and the Ring sensor reacts by flashing the red rings. So, the sensor seems to trigger but that is not transferred to the base station. The app and base station never detect the trigger.

I contacted Ring support who went through a bunch of troubleshooting steps including resets and eventually sent me a replacement listener. Same exact result with the replacement.
What is going on with this? Any ideas would be great.
Thank you!

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Hi @hish747. The flashing red light on the Smoke & CO Listener typically indicates it is Tampered, which means the cover is off. When utilizing the test mode on the Smoke & CO Listener, it should register the test alarm in the Ring app to signal that it was successful. What type of smoke and CO alarm do you have? Does the test on your alarm play both the smoke and CO alarm tones back to back?

Hi Caitlyn,
Thanks for your response! So, the smoke listener is not tampered and the mounting plate is attached. The red ring only occurs when it hears the test button on my smoke alarm. I’m not talking about a red dot but a ring where the white ring shows up when you put the unit in test mode. To me it looks like this would indicate that the listener heard something, but I’ll defer to you since you have Ring in your handle. :slight_smile:

The model is First Alert 86RAC. It’s an old one probably from when the house was built in 1987. Smoke only and no CO2.

What should I try next?

@hish747 Thanks for that confirmation! I’m verifying with my teams what light pattern the Smoke & CO Listener should display during the test mode. For your smoke alarm, how many beeps does it make? The Smoke & CO Listener is set to listen for a temporal 3 pulse. This is the standard smoke alarm, but some models do use a different tone that wouldn’t be recognized.

Also, do you see anything in the Ring app at all during the test mode? What is the approximate distance between your Listener and the smoke alarm when you’re performing the test? The optimal range is within six inches of the smoke alarm with the microphone vent facing the device.

The smoke detector makes about 5 beeps or so. Very loud. The listener is about 3-4 inches from the smoke detector with the microphone vent facing the some detector. Again, the physical listener unit seems to be reacting when it hears the beeps by flashing the red ring. The app just displays that it is waiting to detect the trigger but nothing happens. I can proceed forward and says my device is setup is complete. However, there is a red message in the app by the device that says testing needs to be completed.

@hish747 If your smoke alarm is making 5 different beeps or pulses, it doesn’t sound like it is the temporal 3 pulse alarm that the Smoke & CO Listener is set to listen for. This pattern consists of 3 beeps, a pause, and then it is 3 beeps again. In that case you might need to replace the smoke alarm itself. If you share a short video of what the alarm sounds like, I can also confirm with my team if it would or would not be registered by the Listener.

My ring smoke detector/ listener had same issues, I set up 4 of them in different rooms with same smoke detectors and everything was fine, except the last one that during final test detected the smoke alarm and CO2 with a red ring, but does not finalize test and setting. Please advice how to proceed.

Hi @AgustinOquendo. I would suggest removing and factory resetting your Smoke and CO listener. This Help Center article here has information on how to do this. Once you’ve done that, you can reinstall it. Let me know if this helps.

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