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Hey all… I’m a new Ring user and just installed the listener. It works great… I have several smoke/co detectors interconnected but had a question about the order of operations.

Let’s say I’m cooking, for example, and the smoke detectors go off… will I have a chance to report a false alarm before the fire department is dispatched? While searching, I’ve read conflicting answers that suggest the monitoring company calls the fire department before any attempt is made to call a contact. I’ve also read that an attempt is made to call only the first contact before calling the fire department. I’d love some clarity so I know what to expect. I don’t get many false alarms fortunately, but I do get one once in awhile when I burn something in the kitchen.

Thanks! Love the system so far and at enjoying the savings I have compared to my previous alarm company.

If the alarm is for smoke, the monitoring station will call the first contact and if verified as false they won’t dispatch fire. If the first contact doesn’t answer, the FD is dispatched, then the second (and third if applicable) calls are made. The fire response may or may not be possible to cancel depending on the jurisdiction and the time involved, but generally can be canceled.

If it’s hearing a carbon monoxide alarm (like for example a combo detector), the response is to dispatch fire first, then begin calling contacts to tell you to leave the house. This response cannot be canceled. If a CO alarm goes off, the fire department will respond. Period. They’d rather sweep the house for gas for 5 minutes than have to come back to do a welfąre check only to find the worst has happened.

So it varies depending on the type of event.


Awesome, that’s the answer I was looking for.


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Thanks for asking @Finz! Looks like @abqnm hooked you up with an outstanding answer. To add to that, check out this help center article on professional monitoring, each dispatching scenario is broken down at the bottom of the article :slight_smile:


This is very helpful. One other question. If the smoke alarm is false, can I cancel the Ring and FD response by entering my code in the keypad? Or is the keypad only to arm and disarm the Ring security features?

Hey @BeattyFamily ! Entering your pin and disarming via the keypad, during a smoke alarm, will not cancel the alarm. It will silence the actual alarm sounding but you will still receive a call from the monitoring station, as a smoke signal will always trigger a call to confirm.

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Thanks! That helps.

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