Smoke/CO listener with separate smoke and CO alarm

I just set up a ring alarm system with a smoke/CO listener mounted next to both a smoke and a CO alarm. Can I set up the one smoke/CO listener to monitor both the smoke and the CO alarm? If So, how? Is there a way to list the alarm types that it’s listening for? I thought I had set it up for both, but when I viewed the certificate, it reported that I only have professional monitoring for “…Burglary, Panic, CO.”. I set it up for the smoke alarm first, then I repeated the setup step for the CO alarm, but it seems like the CO alarm setting overwrote the smoke alam settings. Did I do something wrong, or does this listener only store settings for one device?

Good question @thebird! The Listener is able to listen for both smoke alarms and CO alarms. If you are wanting the one Listener to account for both Alarm types, this will depend on placement and testing.

To start, you will want the smoke alarm and the CO alarm to be within inches of each other as well as the listener microphone facing both. Next, you will want to go through the Listener’s test mode and sound the smoke alarm and co alarm during the same testing window, or one immediately following the other. Let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Thanks I figured it out. I didn’t realize I hadn’t tested both in the same window. The certificate says both smoke and CO now. Thanks for the reply.

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