Smoke and CO listener not detecting new Alarm

I am replacing a Kiddie Smoke Alarm with a First Alert wired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector. the Ring smoke and CO listener worked and detected the original Kiddie Smoke alarm. When testing with the new alarm, the listener does not detect either the smoke or CM alarm. The tones are different, a lower frequency on the First alert vs the Kidde. Will this combo work?

I want the wired alarm so all the smoke detectors alert. this is the First Alert CAT. 1039836 , TCIN : 5414482, UPC : 029054019028.

Because that will not cause all my alarms to sound off with is required by local regulations. I have a large house and 5 alarms. I was able to figure it out. I think when you first test it trains the listener. I reconfigured the device, went to test again and it heard both alarms.

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Hi @user22111. Glad to hear that you got this figured out!