Smoke Alarms Set Up Issue

I had Ring alarm installed today, and the installation included 3 battery-operated First Alert Smoke / CO detectors. The 3 detectors are visible and seem to be functioning correctly. They have new unique names.

However, in my Alarm Devices list, 6 detectors are showing up: the 3 that I installed with their new unique names, and 3 more that have the generic names and if I click in to each of them they still have the “Finish Setup” option. If for these devices I go into the settings and attempt to “Remove” it tells me that I need to remove the batteries. I cannot do this b/c they are essentially phantom devices.

Can I remove each of these 3 by going into “Advanced Settings” for each device and choosed “Remove Failed Device”? I am just trying to prevent the 3 working detectors from being removed and requiring new installation.

See screenshot.


Hi @jweisler. Allow me to clear this up for you. When you add the First Alert Smoke/CO alarms to your Ring Alarm system, they “separate” in the app once they are added. This means that one of them is for Smoke, while the other is for CO. This is done so you will be able to differentiate between Smoke and CO alerts, rather than one alerts for Smoke/CO. I would suggest naming them each to correlate to the room they are placed in. Example:

  • Basement Smoke Alarm

  • Basement CO Alarm

This will allow you to know what type of alarm you are having, and where it is located. I hope this information helps!

Thank you so much @Tom_Ring. I had no idea but makes perfect sense.