SmartThings with new stick up cams

I just got my first camera yesterday and when I went to link SmartThings with ring I was given the message that I have no supported devices in my account.

Intitial searching has led me to talk that 3rd party is no longer supported since the Amazon acquisition. Is this true or just Internet rumor?


I’d like an answer to this too.

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Hey neighbors! While we can’t comment on the roadmap at this time, what I can tell you is that we will make product decisions based on what will best empower neighbors with an affordable, effective way to monitor and secure their homes.

That being said, there are integrations options such as Alexa enabled devices, IFTTT, and others that might help you obtain the functionality you are looking for. We will, of course, keep the Community updated with any new features or integrations! :slight_smile:

I would appreciate if you would add the rest of your camera lineup. Ring and Amazon do not support as wide a range of products for home automation as SmartThings provides. I’m using Ring partially because of the integrations and the willingness to play nicely with others. Please don’t turn into Apple. I greatly appreciate the ability to create advanced smooth automations in the SmartThings app. I am happy that I can use my Ring Stick Up Cam Elite and Ring Floodlight Cam for motion sensing in SmartThings, but please make the same integration avaiable with all my Ring cameras! Thank you