Smart things ring does not report supported device.

I have a gen 2 ring that I’m trying to add to my smart things so I can add it to my home control panel but the smart things says I don’t have any supported devices.

We have 2 gen 2 rings on the account one at my mom’s house and one at ours, the one at my mom’s house is present but the one at ours doesn’t show up at all. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to do something specific to get the device to connect correctly. Also I have a shared account and we tried going the route of the shared login and it says we don’t have any supported devices but we have the 2nd gen 2 ring on there along with 2 stick up cameras also gen 2 that don’t show up.

Hi @Hatchworks. If you’re having trouble getting your Ring devices integrated with your SmartThings App, I’d recommend checking out their support page on their website here. You can select the supported device that you’re trying to add for more information, as it appears to be a concern on their end. I hope this helps. :slight_smile: