Smart Lighting that has no QR code or PIN

The prior owner of our house left us a hardwired floodlight cam and hardwired spotlight cam. I have looked on the back and there is no QR code or PIN. I am stuck as to how to connect them to the bridge as it continually asks for the QR code, or proceeding without that asks for a PIN to be found under the QR code. Calling the support center is useless as they disconnect me every time I call after I verify my identity. Is there anyway to make these devices work?

Hi @etfulton3. The Floodlight Cam and Spotlight Cam are both Security Cameras, so they wouldn’t be connected to the Ring Bridge. However, you do need to have the QR code from the Cameras in order to set them up in the Ring app under Set Up a Device. If you don’t have access to this, you would need to follow up with our support team to see what other options are available. Our support team can also be reached on Facebook @Ring by sending a PM.