Smart Alerts bug

I believe there’s a bug or at least an improvement that should be made to the Smart Alerts.

The problem is that it will not detect a person in the motion zone if any “regular motion” is detected first.

For example if a car pulls into the driveway (regular motion alert / recording starts). And then the driver gets out of the car and wanders around inside the motion zone, no “Person” will be detected and you will never get an alert that there’s a person in your driveway.

I have Smart Alerts enabled, regular motion set to record but to not send alerts, and “Person” set to record and send alerts. I never receive a person alert (therefore I receive no alerts) if any regular motion triggers a recording first.

Anyone else experience this issue?


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Yeah, I’ve experienced the same issue. It won’t detect a person until the recording for the regular motion stops and then motion triggers a new recording with a person in the area. For this reason I only have people only enabled on my Floodlight Cam.

Also having a similar issue. If I let my dogs out in the yard and I follow them out after, I don’t get alerted for a person in my yard. But if I walk out myself first, I get alerted. I’m hoping they could get this improvement done.

You can sort of work around the issue by shortening your recording time, but then you’ll receive more motion alerts. Once the camera stops recording and is still detecting motion, it will re-determine whether or not the motion is a person when recording is triggered again.