Small animals

Even the floodlight cam is set to people only it does trigger to all sorts of small animals (cats, birds, etc)

Hey @eduardgruber. Do you have motion zones set up on your Floodlight Cam? I recommend to setup and play around with the up to three motion zones you have to see if you can eliminate certain high traffic areas. Normally you will have to do some fine tuning so that it can be set to have as little as no false motions in your history. Please read more about our motion detection for the Floodlight Cam here! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, but did play already with all those settings with no success. I think the issue stays with your software, but unfortunately it’s very unlikely you will do any action about this.

@eduardgruber I recommend to try to reach out to our support team here if you are having excessive motion and adjusting your settings does not seem to have fixed it! They will be able to take care of this for you and take a deeper look into your device and the firmware that it’s on. :slight_smile: