Slow notification despite fast network

Hi. I’m new to Ring. Got the Ring Doorbell wired. It’s a cool gadget and was fun to set up. Was disappointed my mechanical chime no longer works (but I understand that the jumper wire “powers” the doorbell so that’s why the mechanical chime ends up disabled?)

Anyways, yesterday when setting up, I had the ring app open (iOS 15 on an iPhone 8+. Motion and doorbell notifications were instant. And even later, when leaving the house to go out, I’d hear a notification ding within a couple seconds of going out the door.

Today though, when it REALLY MATTERED, the mailman comes up presses the button and it took a LONG time to get a notification. The only reason I knew he was out there is I heard him through an open window.

This is very disappointing when coupled with seeing other posts complaining they used to have fast notice and not anymore.

Our network is 300 Mbps fibre and the RSSI is -54. While I realize the “RSSI” isn’t great according to your support documentation about this, it should be more than enough for a simple smartphone notification. Is there a way to disable including the image preview with the notification? Maybe recording, compressing and uploading the camera image is what takes too long.

My wifi is great. Two bars still even 3 houses away.
The slowness seems to have “worked itself out” somehow. Thanks.