Slow motion detection

Stick up cam (solar), at 100% battery every day
Wifi signal in the -50s

Here lately the motion detection is taking forever to actually detect anything. Previously it would detect me pulling into the driveway before I came to a stop. Now, I can get in the driveway, out, and walk to the back of the vehicle and there’s about a 70% chance it will be recording. Sometimes it never does - even if I stand in front of it waving my arms around like an ■■■■■.

What’s going on with ring? Ready to rip it out and go to another solution at this point. And, it’s a bit ironic that today they announce the “pro” version to address motion detection…

Hi @user64592. For this concern, I would start with a router reboot. You can do that by unplugging your router about 10 minutes, then plug it back it. Let me know how this improves your connection and motion detection.